A fire alarm calls for emergency beer

We’ve all experienced the dreaded fire alarm bell.

You know the drill is coming but when it arrives, everyone finds themselves being dragged from their (extremely important!) work as they’re evacuated out into the cold by a colleague who has now turned into a fire warden.

See below:

You’re now bracing yourself for the long wait for the chief fire warden to make sure everything is okay before giving you the nod to go back inside.

But while everyone in the building was huddling outside on this day, the German-Australian Chamber had other ideas up their sleeve.

Ryan’s Bar.

Apparently it was not only good for a quick drink on a Thursday night but the ideal place to squeeze in a few beers during an emergency fire evacuation drill.

Here’s a look at everyone’s cheery faces.

WP_20150729_001ABernd was more than happy.

And last but not least, we can’t forget our fire warden who was busy explaining to the building staff why all of the GACIC staff had ended up in a bar with a beer in their hand during a supposed fire.

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